Rat Carrier Bag

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Rat owners may fear the security and comfort of their rats during travel. This rat carrier bag will give your rat comfort and security. You can use it to carry your rat along with you anywhere you want. 

This stylish travel bag also provides a comfortable sleeping space for your rat . The front mesh offers enough airflow and visibility for your rat to see what is going on outside. The carrier has an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.





Size:17cmx12cmx11cm or  6.69inchx4.72inchx4.33 inch

Features: Detachable, Breathable, Easy to Clean


1.Smooth fleece brings comfortable feeling for your rat and keep them warm when they are inside

2.Shoulders the single shoulder bag at will. One side. Cross body. Holds the carrier with the comfortable way and show your personality

3.Detachable strap can be cleaned easily. Be dirty? Take it off and clean it. Quick and convenient

4.The smile shape window adds more cute factors for it. Sees it, and have a good mood when you are outdoor with your pet

5.Mesh window allows your rat to breathe in and out freely and view the beautiful scene outside. Also, through the window, you can also take care of your pet to see if they are ok

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